Progress Summit: Iowa – SESSION 1 (Post Election Reports and Recommendations)

Progress Summit: Iowa – SESSION 1 (Post Election Reports and Recommendations)

Inspired by Iowa’s Deep Roots activists, Chris Adcock, a rural organizer and the 3rd Vice Chair-Rural Action for the Iowa Democratic Party, “Progress Summit: Iowa.”

The Summit itself will consist of two virtual events, one held on August 8th and the other on August 29th. The overarching goal of “Progress Summit: Iowa” is to open and increase communication and collaboration within Iowa’s Democratic activists, volunteers, marginalized communities, and advocacy groups and to provide a platform for groups to share information and best practices. We believe this is the next step in ensuring more Democrats are elected up and down the ticket, regain the majority in the Iowa Legislature, and send more Iowa Democrats to Washington DC.

Post-Election Reports and Recommendations: August 8, 2021, 2:00 – 3:30pm (virtual)

5-10 minute presentations from groups that have produced a post-election report and/or a recommendations report for future elections

Groups are asked to share their main conclusions and recommendations from their work as a slide presentation.

Anyone interested in learning about the reports may attend & reports will be shared with all attendees.

Presenters: submit your Presenter Registration here no later than July 31:

Attendees: register here for the Zoom link: