Meet Your New Senator

Wallace Country Life Center 2773 290th St, Orient, IA

Make-Your-Own-Sundae Party is a fundraiser for the Adair and Madison County Democratic  Parties.  The program will be a chance to meet a person who is exploring a candidacy for SD12.

Annual Family Picnic Potluck

Lake Greenfield South Marion Ave, Greenfield, IA

This is a social gathering for ADair County Democrats and the public.  Bring a potluck dish to share.  The program will be speaker Senator Sarah Trone Garriott to update us […]

Holiday Teacher Appreciation

Hotel Greenfield 110 East Iowa, Greenfield, IA

We are inviting the teachers of Nodaway Valley CSD and Orient-Macksburg CSD to a holiday open house to show our appreciation for their work!  It will be casual with pizza […]

Presidential Preference Cards Due

The Iowa Democratic Party Caucuses are now more accessible than ever. Iowa Democrats can cast their Presidential Preference by mail. To request a Presidential Preference Card, fill out the online […]

Meet Your Candidates!

Wallace Country Life Center 2773 290th St, Orient, IA

The 3rd district candidates Lanon Baccam and Melissa Vine will be introducing themselves and taking questions (written & screened) from the audience. Then the SD12 candidate, Nicole Loew, will speak […]

Iowa Water Quality – Chris Jones

Warren Cultural Center 154 Public Square, Greenfield, IA

This is a public lecture by Dr. Chris Jones, recently retired University of Iowa professor, who has spent his career studying Iowa's waterways and their declining quality. He will be […]

County Democratic Conventions


Each Iowa county holds a convention to select delegates to the District and State Conventions. Delegates are also selected to be members of the Convention committees.

Adair County Central Committee

The Gathering Place (former Presbyterian Church) 102 SW Kent Street, Greenfield, IA

Central Committee Meeting--final plans for fundraiser for Nicole Loew on April 14

Book Talk on Food Industry

Warren Cultural Center 154 Public Square, Greenfield, IA

This is a visit by Iowa author Austin Frerick who has just published his first book: Barrons: Money, Power, and the Corruption of America's Food Industry. Why don't farmers and […]